In my role as a junior designer, I have had a ton of experience in all different areas of design work. I recently lead the marketing team in re-platforming Secrets Resorts website from one platform onto Adobe Experience Manager. I was able to cut the time in half from the last re-platform that we did as a team. Since this project was a success, I have become the team lead for re-platforming all of our consumer sites onto AEM. I also developed the structure for all of our assets that will live on our 50+ websites as we move all of the sites onto this new platform. 

Another big part of my day to day work is designing and coding responsive emails for various content, sales, and promotions. Working on 6 different brands allows me to work with several different identities and brand guidelines. I also work on a lot of digital marketing banners. I recently worked on re-designing dynamic banners for all 6 brands and 52 properties. Once in awhile, I will get to use my design background to create logos for bars, restaurants, venues, and clubs on property.